Journal of Choice Modelling


Announcing the Journal of Choice Modelling, an open access journal edited by Stephane Hess and John Rose

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the "Journal of Choice Modelling", a new open access peer reviewed journal dedicated to the field of choice modelling.

The journal publishes theoretical and applied papers in the field of choice modelling. It is not limited to one area of study, such as transport or marketing, but invites contributions from across a range of disciplines where the analysis of choice behaviour is a subject of interest. The journal also seeks to be non-specific in terms of the topics covered, with papers addressing any issue related to the study of choice behaviour being welcome. As such, papers dealing with methodology, data, survey and experimental design are all of equal interest, as are applied papers.

The Journal of Choice Modelling is an open access journal. Papers published in the journal can be freely accessed by anyone with an internet connection. This greatly increases visibility, and allows access by academics, practitioners and the general public, without the need for registering or paying access fees. The Journal of Choice Modelling is a web-based journal, with no paper version. This not only greatly reduces costs, but also significantly improves turnaround times.

We are now inviting contributions for the inaugural issues of the Journal of Choice Modelling. We welcome papers discussing any topic related to the study of choice behaviour.

For detailed information on the journal including a listing of current members of the editorial board and submission guidelines, see

Stephane Hess & John Rose