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Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 103(2)

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Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 

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July, 2007

Group cognition, membership change, and performance: Investigating the benefits and detriments of collective knowledge?
Kyle Lewis, Maura Belliveau, Benjamin Herndon and Joshua Keller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Group norms and excessive absenteeism: The role of peer referent others
Peter Bamberger and Michal Biron [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Overconfidence and underconfidence: When and why people underestimate (and overestimate) the competition?
Don A. Moore and Daylian M. Cain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Working harder with the out-group: The impact of social category diversity on motivation gains?
Robert B. Lount Jr. and Katherine W. Phillips [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of decision risk and project stage on escalation of commitment?
Xin He and Vikas Mittal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Framing, intentions, and trust–choice incompatibility?
Gideon Keren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Motivationally selective risk judgments: Do fear and curiosity boost the boons or the banes?
Jon K. Maner and Mary A. Gerend [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The disjunction effect reexamined: Relevant methodological issues and the fallacy of unspecified percentage comparisons
Charles Lambdin and Charles Burdsal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The illusion of knowledge: When more information reduces accuracy and increases confidence
Crystal C. Hall, Lynn Ariss and Alexander Todorov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]