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Journal of Business Venturing, 22(5)

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Journal of Business Venturing 

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September, 2007

Entrepreneurial narrative and a science of the imagination
William B. Gartner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Toy Store(y)
Terry Allen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reader beware: Doing business with a store(y) of knowledge
Ellen S. O’Connor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Toy Story’: The narrative world of entrepreneurship and the creation of interpretive communities
Denise Fletcher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sex business in the toy store: A narrative analysis of a teaching case
Helene Ahl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Resources in play: Bricolage in the Toy Store(y)
Ted Baker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Lessons from Iago: Narrating the event of Entrepreneurship
Daniel Hjorth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Of course that is not the whole (toy) story: Entrepreneurship and the cat’s cradle
Chris Steyaert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]