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Journal of Business and Psychology, 21(4)

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Journal of Business and Psychology 

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June, 2007

Toward An Explanatory Model of Innovative Behavior
David J. Burns [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do people fake on personality inventories? A verbal protocol analysis
Chet Robie, Douglas J. Brown, James C. Beaty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using selection, optimization, and compensation to reduce job/family stressors: effective when it matters
Lindsey M. Young, Boris B. Baltes, Angela K. Pratt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Electronic performance self-monitoring and engineered labor standards for ?man-up? drivers in a distribution center
David T. Goomas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Overcoming Errors: A Closer Look at the Attributional Mechanism
Gert J. Homsma, Cathy Dyck, Dick Gilder, Paul L. Koopman, Tom Elfring [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Determinants of Attitudes toward Affirmative Action in a Swiss Sample
Franciska Krings, Franziska Tschan, Sophie Bettex [Publisher] [Google Scholar]