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Harvard Business Review, 85(6)

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Harvard Business Review 

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June, 2007

How Successful Leaders Think
Roger Martin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Make Your Company A Talent Factory
Douglas A. Ready and Jay A. Conger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Companies And The Customers Who Hate Them
Gail McGovern and Youngme Moon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Scorched Earth: Will Environmental Risks in China Overwhelm Its Opportunities?
Elizabeth Economy and Kenneth Lieberthal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The New Deal at the Top
Yves L. Doz and Mikko Kosonen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

HBR Case Study

We Googled You
Diane Coutu [Publisher]

Big Picture

Saving The Internet
Jonathan Zittrain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

HBR Spotlight: The Sophisticated Innovator

A Buyer’s Guide to the Innovation Bazaar
Satish Nambisan and Mohanbir Sawhney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Innovation Value Chain
Morten T. Hansen and Julian Birkinshaw [Publisher] [Google Scholar]