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Games and Economic Behavior, 60(1)

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Games and Economic Behavior 

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July, 2007

Cheap talk, efficiency and egalitarian cost sharing in joint projects
Murali Agastya, Flavio Menezes and Kunal Sengupta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On combining implementable social choice rules
Jean Pierre Benoît, Efe A. Ok and M. Remzi Sanver [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Punishing free-riders: How group size affects mutual monitoring and the provision of public goods?
Jeffrey P. Carpenter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Equilibrium existence for zero-sum games and spatial models of elections
John Duggan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Participation in auctions
Shmuel Gal, Michael Landsberger and Arkadi Nemirovski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sequential equilibria in Bayesian games with communication
Dino Gerardi and Roger B. Myerson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Global Nash convergence of Foster and Young’s regret testing
Fabrizio Germano and Gábor Lugosi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A global game with strategic substitutes and complements
Larry Karp, In Ho Lee and Robin Mason [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sharing a polluted river
Debing Ni and Yuntong Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Efficient dissolution of partnerships and the structure of control
Emanuel Ornelas and John L. Turner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impact of higher-order uncertainty
Jonathan Weinstein and Muhamet Yildiz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]