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Social Marketing Quarterly, 13(2)

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Social Marketing Quarterly 

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Prevention Effects of an Anti-Tobacco Brand on Adolescent Smoking Initiation
W. Douglas Evans; Jeanette Renaud; Jonathan Blitstein; James Hersey; Sarah Ray; Beth Schieber; Jeff Willett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Internet as a Medium for Communicating with Teenagers
Sue Peattie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Ask Before You Eat” – Development of an Educational Campaign on Food Allergies
Jaclyn Maurer; Carol Byrd-Bredbenner; Darlene Grasso [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hastings, Gerard. The Potential of Social Marketing: Why should the Devil have all the best tunes?
Carol A. Bryant; Kristina M. Dunlevy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Selected Social Marketing-Related Abstracts, Internet Resources, and Books
Kristina M. Dunlevy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Causation: It’s Just One Thing after Another
Bill Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]