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Journal of Internet Commerce, 6(1)

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Journal of Internet Commerce 

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Getting to the Root of the Problem
Allen C Johnston, Mark B Schmidt, Kirk P Arnett, Jeff Thomas [Publisher]

Investigating Antecedents of Behavioral Intentions in Mobile Commerce
Jaeki Song, Chulmo Koo, Yong Jin Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Designing Effective Websites: The Moderating Role of User Internet Experience
Rebeca San Jose Cabezudo, Ana Maria Gutierrez Arranz, Jesus Gutierrez Cillan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Market Orientation of Internet Support Companies
Jose Gonzalez, Larry Chiagouris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A New Kind of Marketing: Creating Micro-Niches Using Resonance Marketing
Hershey H. Friedman, Tomas Lopez-Pumarejo, Linda Weiser Friedman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Keyword Research Software to Assist in the Search for High-Demand, Low-Supply Online Niches: An Overview
Ralph Wilson, James B. Pettijohn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online Gambling: Murky Legal Status and Vulnerable Socio-Economic Environment Pose Public Policy Challenges
Heiko de B. Wijnholds, Michael W Little [Publisher] [Google Scholar]