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International Business Review, 16(3)

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International Business Review 

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June, 2007

Analysing the link between export intensity, innovation and firm size in a science-based industry
José Pla-Barber and Joaquín Alegre [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Before the first export decision: Internationalisation readiness in the pre-export phase
Alvin Tan, Paul Brewer and Peter W. Liesch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Factors influencing perceptions of performance: The case of western FDI in an emerging market
Mehmet Demirbag, Ekrem Tatoglu and Keith W. Glaister [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Determining international strategic alliance performance: A multidimensional approach
Bo Bernhard Nielsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Foreign market entry mode in the hotel industry: The impact of country- and firm-specific factors
Diego Quer, Enrique Claver and Rosario Andreu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New evidence in an old debate: Investigating the relationship between HR satisfaction and turnover
Shaista E. Khilji and Xiaoyun Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Günter K. Stahl and Ingmar Björkman, Editors, Handbook of Research in International Human Resource Management, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham (2006) (581pp.).
Paul Gooderham [Publisher]

China CEO: Voices of Experience from 20 International Business Leaders, Juan Antonio Fernandez, Laurie Underwood, © 2006 John Wiley & Sons (Asia) Pte Ltd., New York, (2006) 301pp, ISBN-13 978-0-470-82192-3, ISBN-10 0-470-82192-2.
Tony Fang [Publisher]