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Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 26(1)

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Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 

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Spring, 2007

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing Scholarship: Changing the World One Article at a Time
Ronald Paul Hill [Publisher]

Introductory Comments to the Special Section on Public Policy and Marketing in the Face of Catastrophe
John D Mittelstaedt [Publisher]

Consumer Vulnerability as a Shared Experience: Tornado Recovery Process in Wright, Wyoming
Stacey Menzel Baker, David M Hunt, Terri L Rittenburg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Weathering the Storm: A Social Marketing Perspective on Disaster Preparedness and Response with Lessons from Hurricane Katrina
Deirdre T Guion, Debra L Scammon, Aberdeen Leila Borders [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Risk, Trade, Recovery, and the Consideration of Real Options: The Imperative Coordination of Policy, Marketing, and Finance in the Wake of Catastrophe
Mark R Manfredo, Clifford J Shultz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

No Pet Left Behind: Accommodating Pets in Emergency Planning
Hillary A Leonard, Debra L Scammon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

After All Is Lost: Meeting the Material Needs of Adolescent Disaster Survivors
Jill G Klein, Laura Huang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Do Antitobacco Campaign Advertising and Smoking Status Affect Beliefs and Intentions? Some Similarities and Differences Between Adults and Adolescents
Andrea H Tangari, Scot Burton, J. Craig Andrews, Richard G Netemeyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of Changing Public Policies of Cultural Protectionism on Sources of Cultural Identity and Consumer Information
Bruce A Huhmann, Najam U Saqib [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Reference Pricing for Pharmaceuticals Can Increase Generic Share of Market: The Slovenian Experience
Klement Podnar, Bojan Molj, Urs?a Golob [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of the Moseley Decision on Trademark Dilution Law
Robert C Bird [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Backdoor to Overconsumption: The Effect of Associating “Low-Fat” Food with Health References
Kelly Geyskens, Mario Pandelaere, Siegfried Dewitte, Luk Warlop [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Comment on Selected Wilkie and Moore-Inspired Commentaries in “The Sages Speak”
John F Gaski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Continuing Challenges to Scholarly Research in Marketing
William L Wilkie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Five Phases in a Personal Journey Through the Troubled Waters of Academic Values in a World of Business: Where’s the Beef?
Morris B Holbrook [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Further Movement Toward Insight and Relevance
Leigh McAlister [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Raising Marketing’s Aspirations
Jagdish N Sheth, Rajendra S Sisodia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Costs and Benefits of Do-Not-Call Regulations: A Comment on Beard and Abernethy’s “Consumer Prices and the Federal Trade Commission’s ‘Do-Not-Call’ Program”
Keith B Anderson [Publisher]

Costs and Benefits of the Federal Trade Commission’s Do-Not-Call Regulations: A Second Look and Reply to Anderson
T. Randolph Beard, Avery M Abernethy [Publisher]