2006 Journal of Advertising Award


Jim Leigh, George Zinkhan, and Vanitha Swaminathan have won the 2006 Journal of Advertising Best Paper award

The Publications Committee of the


of Advertising (AAA) congratulates the recipients of the 2006 Journal of Advertising Best Paper Award:  Jim Leigh, George Zinkhan, and Vanitha Swaminathan. The award was announced at the AAA meeting this spring, but we’d like to congratulate the recipients again.

The winning article is:

James H. Leigh, George M. Zinkhan & Vanitha Swaminathan (2006), "Dimensional Relationships of Recall and Recognition Measures with Selected Cognitive and Affective Aspects of Print Ads," Journal of Advertising, 35 (1), 105-122.

At the awards luncheon, Jim Leigh asked that the prize money be given back to academy to fund more research grants.

Thanks to Jim, George and Vanitha for their generosity.

Congratulations also to this year’s other nominees:

Scott Koslow, Sheila L. Sasser & Edward A. Riordan (2006), "Do Marketers Get the Advertising They Need or the Advertising They Deserve? Agency Views of How Clients Influence Creativity," Journal of Advertising, 35 (3), 81-101.

Shintaro Okazaki, Charles R. Taylor & Shaoming Zou (2006), "Advertising Standardization’s Positive Impact on the Bottom Line:  A Model of When and How Standardization Improves Financial and Strategic Performance," Journal of Advertising, 35 (3), 17-33.

For the committee,

Trina Sego