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Journal of Business Research, 60(6)

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Journal of Business Research 

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June, 2007

Consumer Personality and Individual Differences
Edited by Michael Bosnjak, Denis Bratko, Mirta Galesic and Tracy Tuten

Consumer personality and individual differences: Revitalizing a temporarily abandoned field
Michael Bosnjak, Denis Bratko, Mirta Galesic and Tracy Tuten [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward a theory of motivation and personality with application to word-of-mouth communications
John C. Mowen, Sojin Park and Alex Zablah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Personality determinants of online shopping: Explaining online purchase intentions using a hierarchical approach
Michael Bosnjak, Mirta Galesic and Tracy Tuten [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of gender and personality traits in response to ads using violent images to promote consumption of sports entertainment
Stephen R. McDaniel, Choonghoon Lim and Joseph E. Mahan III [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond gender differences: Self-concept orientation and relationship-building applications on the Internet
Maureen E. Hupfer and Brian Detlor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand personality and human personality: Findings from ratings of familiar Croatian brands
Goran Milas and Boris Mlacic [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand relationship quality and its value for personal contact?
Edith Smit, Fred Bronner and Maarten Tolboom [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

You are what you wear: Brand personality influences on consumer impression formation
Bob M. Fennis and Ad Th. H. Pruyn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Should I stay or should I go? Mood congruity, self-monitoring and retail context preference
Nancy M. Puccinelli, Rohit Deshpande and Alice M. Isen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nostalgia in post-socialist Russia: Exploring applications to advertising strategy?
Susan L. Holak, Alexei V. Matveev and William J. Havlena [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Segmentation approaches in data-mining: A comparison of RFM, CHAID, and logistic regression
John A. McCarty and Manoj Hastak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]