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Games and Economic Behavior, 59(1)

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Games and Economic Behavior 

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April, 2007

A random matching theory?
C.D. Aliprantis, G. Camera and D. Puzzello [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A tractable model of reciprocity and fairness
James C. Cox, Daniel Friedman and Steven Gjerstad [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A solution to matching with preferences over colleagues
Federico Echenique and M. Bumin Yenmez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Appeals immune bargaining solution with variable alternative sets?
Eran Hanany [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The socially stable core in structured transferable utility games
P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Gerard van der Laan and Dolf Talman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Equilibrium learning in simple contests?
Daniel Krähmer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Efficient and strategy-proof voting rules: A characterization
Klaus Nehring and Clemens Puppe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Simple formulas for stationary distributions and stochastically stable states
William H. Sandholm [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

General licensing schemes for a cost-reducing innovation
Debapriya Sen and Yair Tauman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning correlated equilibria in games with compact sets of strategies?
Gilles Stoltz and Gábor Lugosi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]