Branding in the Global Marketplace


Branding in the Global Marketplace, a special issue of Journal of International Marketing, edited by David A. Griffith; Deadline 11 Feb 2008

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Special Issue: Branding in the Global Marketplace
Journal of International Marketing

Brand management has increased in complexity as a result of the globalization of markets. Today brand management in integrated global markets requires an understanding of complex economic, cultural, social and political factors. Effectively addressing these complex issues necessitates approaching these factors from multiple marketing perspectives. As such, this special issue seeks to publish leading research on branding in global markets from the perspectives of consumer behavior, modeling and strategy.

The specific goals of this special issue are to present new insights into the concepts of branding, brand management and the consumer-brand linkage relevant to branding scholars interested in global issues and brand managers operating in global markets. Thus, this issue intends to extend our current understanding of branding in the field of marketing. Manuscripts may be theoretical or empirical in orientation. A primary criterion for assessing fit with "Branding in the Global Marketplace" is that manuscripts enhance the field’s understanding of branding issues in the global market context using rigorous theoretical and or empirical methods.

Potential topics of interest would include, but are not limited to: definitional challenges for the global brand construct; global versus local brand strategies; brands as symbols of global consumer culture – fact or fiction?; brand extension strategies in the international marketplace; growing global brands in developing and/or developed countries; marketing communications and global brands; use of cutting-edge marketing strategies to establish and/or grow a global brand; building global brands; global branding alliances; the role of channel strategy in building global brands; the use of pricing as a global brand strategy; cross-market diffusion of global brands; and global brands and corporate social responsibility.

Submission Information:

Deadline for Submission: 11 February 2008. Submitted manuscripts should follow the format as indicated in the Submission Guidelines on the journal website:

The names, affiliations, and contact information (i.e., phone, fax, email addresses) of all authors should be provided on the cover page only. The author(s) should not be identified elsewhere in the manuscript. Submitted papers will undergo a double-blind review.

Manuscripts can be submitted after 1 July 2007 at: Manuscripts will be accepted up until 11 February 2008. All manuscripts will be entered into the review process beginning 12 February 2008.

Questions pertaining to the special issue should be directed to:

David A. Griffith
Editor-elect, Journal of International Marketing
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The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management
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East Lansing, MI 48824-1112, U.S.A.
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