High Impact San Diego Sessions


Notes taken at 14 high impact sessions from 2007 Winter AMA are now available thanks to Kate Loveland, Iana Nelson, Vijaykumar Krishnan Palghat and Nancy Sirianni

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For some time now, the AMA Academic Council has been concerned that the observations and advice from conference panel discussions and other presentations are limited to attendees and that the transmission of whatever wisdom was generated at such sessions mostly ends when the session in question breaks up. With that in mind, council member Beth Walker organized a "note-taking" initiative for the recent 2007 AMA Winter Educators’ conference. The goal was to capture the insights at 14 high impact sessions in San Diego.

Four Ph. D. students; Kate Loveland, Iana Nelson, Vijaykumar Krishnan Palghat,and Nancy Sirianni; served as "academic reporters" for this effort and they deserve special thanks.

Use the URL below to go to the 14 summaries: