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Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 103(1)

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Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 

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May, 2007

Virtual team leadership: The effects of leadership style and communication medium on team interaction styles and outcomes
Laura A. Hambley, Thomas A. O’Neill and Theresa J.B. Kline [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The relationship between justice and attitudes: An examination of justice effects on event and system-related attitudes
Maureen Ambrose, Ronald L. Hess and Shankar Ganesan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information repetition in evaluative judgments: Easy to monitor, hard to control
Christian Unkelbach, Klaus Fiedler and Peter Freytag [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impact and the art of motivation maintenance: The effects of contact with beneficiaries on persistence behavior?
Adam M. Grant, Elizabeth M. Campbell, Grace Chen, Keenan Cottone, David Lapedis and Karen Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Option fixation: A cognitive contributor to overconfidence
Winston R. Sieck, Edgar C. Merkle and Trisha Van Zandt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social incentives for gender differences in the propensity to initiate negotiations: Sometimes it does hurt to ask?
Hannah Riley Bowles, Linda Babcock and Lei Lai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using advice from multiple sources to revise and improve judgments?
Ilan Yaniv and Maxim Milyavsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Collective estimation: Accuracy, expertise, and extroversion as sources of intra-group influence?
Bryan L. Bonner, Sheli D. Sillito and Michael R. Baumann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social-identity functions of attraction to organizations?
Scott Highhouse, Erin E. Thornbury and Ian S. Little [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multi-attribute sequential search
J. Neil Bearden and Terry Connolly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]