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Journal of Business Research, 60(5)

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Journal of Business Research 

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May, 2007

The role of salesperson motivation in sales control systems — Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation revisited
C. Fred Miao, Kenneth R. Evans and Zou Shaoming [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamic capabilities and operational capabilities: A knowledge management perspective
Gabriel Cepeda and Dusya Vera [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Individual-level antecedents to market-oriented actions
Francine K. Schlosser and Rod B. McNaughton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The relevance of fit in a cause–brand alliance when consumers evaluate corporate credibility
Barbara A. Lafferty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The movie experience: A revised approach to determinants of satisfaction
Riadh Ladhari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reverse logistics, stakeholders’ influence, organizational slack, and managers’ posture
Ma José Álvarez-Gil, Pascual Berrone, F. Javier Husillos and Nora Lado [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fuzzy set ideal type analysis
Jon Kvist [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

CEO stock option pay and R&D spending: a behavioral agency explanation?
Jianfeng Wu and Rungting Tu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Explaining post-communist respect for civil liberty: A multi-methods test?
Svend-Erik Skaaning [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Qualitative comparative analysis, shaming, and international regime effectiveness
Olav Schram Stokke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Constructivism, fuzzy sets and (very) small-N: Revisiting the conditions for communicative action
Frank M. Häge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comparative configurational case analysis of ergonomic injuries?
Axel Marx and Geert van Hootegem [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do miracles exist? Analyzing economic performance comparatively?
Barbara Vis, Jaap Woldendorp and Hans Keman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Setting standards for CSR: A comparative case study on criteria-formulating organizations?
Paul Ingenbleek, Menno Binnekamp and Silvia Goddijn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurial resources, dynamic capabilities and start-up performance of Taiwan’s high-tech firms
Lei-Yu Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Method issues in the measurement of relational norms?
Keith J. Blois and Bjoern S. Ivens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurial orientation of SMEs, product innovativeness, and performance?
George J. Avlonitis and Helen E. Salavou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]