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Journal of Asia Business Studies, 1(2)

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Is China on the Investment Development Path?
Katherin Marton, Cornelia McCarthy

Are Share Price Reactions to Rights Offerings Sensitive to Different Economic Conditions?
M. Ariff, Walayet A. Khan, H. Kent Baker

An Empirical Assesment on China’s Optimal Foreign Exchange Reserve : 1985-2004
Chen Desheng, Xu Xianjie, Lei Jiasu

Correlates and Predictors to Organizational Commitment In China
Douglas K. Peterson, Yuanyuan Xing

Risk Management and Derivatives Use in Australian Firms
Jonathan A. Batten, Samanthala Hettihewa

Knowledge Transfer through Appropriate Location Selection: An Empirical Investigation in China
Fan Liang, Stephen Nicholas

Greening of the Supply Chain: An Empirical Study For SMEs in the Philippine Context
Purba Rao


Experience and Perceptions Of ISO 9000 And HACCP by Hong Kong Food and Beverage Organizations
Maria Pun, Anne Wilcock, May Aung

Company In Focus

A Synthesis Of Interviews With Executives Of Samsung Electronics
Roger Chen, Zhan Li