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Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 48(2)

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Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly 

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May, 2007

May: A Month of Roundtables
David Sherwyn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Appreciation and Anticipation
Linda Canina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Barometer of Hotel Room Revenue: A Regular Service of Smith Travel Research
Randell A. Smith and John D. Lesure [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Visual Methods: Using Photographs to Capture Customers’ Experience with Design
Madeleine E. Pullman and Stephani K. A. Robson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Invoking Social Norms: A Social Psychology Perspective on Improving Hotels’ Linen-Reuse Programs
Noah J. Goldstein, Vladas Griskevicius, and Robert B. Cialdini [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customers’ Perceptions of Best Available Hotel Rates
Kristin V. Rohlfs and Sheryl E. Kimes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing In-House Careers and Retaining Management Talent: What Hospitality Professionals Want from Their Jobs
Kate Walsh and Masako S. Taylor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online Consumer Privacy: An Analysis of Hotel Company Behavior
Peter O’Connor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Risk to the American Fast-Food Industry of Obesity Litigation
William B. Werner, Andrew Hale Feinstein, and Christian E. Hardigree [Publisher] [Google Scholar]