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Society for Consumer Psychology, New Orleans, 21-23 Feb 2008; Deadline 3 Aug 2007

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Omni Royal Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, LA

February 21-23, 2008

Maria Cronley
Miami University                 

Dhananjay (DJ) Nayakankuppam
University of Iowa

The Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP) will be holding its Annual Winter Conference on February 21-23.  The SCP conference provides a relatively intimate forum, providing opportunities for a high level of interaction among participants interested in the integration of psychology and consumer research.  This year’s conference will be held in the heart of the historic French Quarter in New Orleans, and the city is back and livelier than ever so the conference promises to be a memorable one. 

We are seeking proposals for original competitive papers, special topic sessions, and working papers for presentation at the conference.  In order to encourage a diverse set of ideas and approaches to consumer psychology, the topic areas are not limited by a particular theme or application.  We also welcome diverse methodologies, including experimental research, survey research, conceptual and/or theoretical developments, ethnography, or other methods relevant to the study of consumer psychology.

All submissions, reviewing, and notification regarding SCP 2008 will be conducted electronically through the conference website. (Note:  the URL for the conference is currently under construction but will be posted soon on the SCP home website:  The conference website will provide an interface for reviewers and submitters, eliminating the need for e-mail submissions, as well as additional information about the conference.


Submission Deadline

All submissions for competitive papers, special topic sessions and working papers are due by August 3, 2007.  Notification of acceptances will be sent in early October.

The conference website will be available for submissions between Friday, June 15, 2007, and midnight PST of the deadline, Friday, August 3, 2007.

Competitive Papers

Competitive papers submissions should be no longer than 15 pages, double-spaced, in a 12 point font (including references, figures, and tables).  This limit is to encourage authors to describe their research to the reviewers in a succinct manner.  Because reviewing is blind, please make the paper does not contain any author identifiers within the body of the paper or when saved as a Word document (.doc or .rtf format).  (Be sure to eliminate identifiers in document “properties”.)  Authors must agree, if the submission is accepted, to publish either the complete paper or an abstract in the Conference Proceedings.  At least one author of each submitted competitive paper/working paper session must agree to register and present the paper at the conference, if it is accepted. 

Special Topic Sessions

Special topic session proposal submissions should include (a) the rationale for the session (2-3 pgs.), (b) a list of participants, and (c) a one page abstract for each paper.  Submissions should be double-spaced in 12 point font.  As the goal of the conference is to stimulate intellectual discussions, there should only be three papers and one discussant per session. The discussant of each session should be prepared to not only discuss the papers presented, but more importantly to engage the audience in conversation about the research ideas and how to forward the research in this stream.  The chair of the session should be prepared to make sure that all talks proceed (and end) on schedule.  Special topic session presenters are required to publish at least an abstract of their presentations (or entire papers if they prefer) in the Proceedings volume.  At least one author of each presentation in the proposal must agree to register and present at the conference, if their proposal is accepted.

Working Paper Submissions

We do not require the submission of a completed paper in this category; we only need a short and an extended abstract.  The first page should contain a 75-100 word abstract.  This should be followed on the next pages by a 750-1,000 word, single-spaced, extended abstract which should provide a summary of the paper, including conceptualization, method, and major findings.  In order to ease the publication task, no tables or figures should be included in the extended abstract.  Because reviewing is blind, please make the paper does not contain any author identifiers within the body of the paper or when saved as a Word document (.doc or .rtf format).  (Be sure to eliminate identifiers in document “properties”.)

For papers accepted for the working paper track, each author will be asked to prepare a "poster" for display during the session (detailed guidelines will be sent with acceptances); bring several copies of the working paper to give to interested SCP participants, and make themselves available for discussion during a designated time on the program.  The extended working paper abstracts with full references will be published in the Proceedings.


When you submit you proposal via the conference website, the following information/steps will be required:

Website Submission System Signup – When you first enter the conference website, you will sign up to use the website submission system.  Here you will provide your name and contact information and be provided with a login name and password.  You will use this login whenever you navigate the submission system. 

Some e-mail addresses were pre-signed up with our database, and you would not need to reenter name and contact information. Please use website password reminder function if you see the following message: “The E-mail address you entered has been already registered with our database. Please proceed to Log In page. If you forgot your password, please click here.”

[Note: When you complete this step, you will have only signed up with the conference website. This is NOT the registration for the conference.]

Submitter Information – Once in the submission system, you will be asked to submit the following information:

  • Submission type: Competitive Paper, Special Topic Session, or Working Paper
  • Title of paper/proposal
  • Short abstract of paper/proposal to be used for conference program and proceedings (75-100 words)
  • Primary contact person’s name, affiliation, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address (if different, include a summer e-mail contact address and relevant dates)
  • First Author Student:  Indicate if the first author is a PhD student (if so, the paper will be considered for the Best Student Paper Award)
  • Content Area Codes and Methodological Area Codes
  • Word (.doc or .rtf) document of your paper/proposal (you will be uploading this file)
  • Names of other co-authors/participants and their affiliations, and whether they are presenting author(s)


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Nestled in the heart of the French Quarter, this AAA Four-Diamond luxury hotel is just moments from the excitement of Bourbon Street and Jackson Square and features an artful mélange of 19th century artifacts and the essence of Creole charm.
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