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Journal of Interactive Marketing, 21(2)

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Journal of Interactive Marketing 

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The growth of interactions and dialogs in interactive marketing
Venkatesh Shankar, Edward C. Malthouse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customizing customization: A conceptual framework for interactive personalization
Gaetano "Nino" Miceli, Francesco Ricotta, Michele Costabile [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of consumer Internet experience on channel preference and usage intentions across the different stages of the buying process
Ruud T. Frambach, Henk C.A. Roest, Trichy V. Krishnan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interactions in virtual customer environments: Implications for product support and customer relationship management
Satish Nambisan, Robert A. Baron [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring the value of electronic word of mouth and its impact in consumer communities
Paul Dwyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]