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Journal of Consumer Policy, 30(1)

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Journal of Consumer Policy 

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March, 2007

Crime, punishment, and consumer protection
Peter Cartwright [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The average consumer, the unfair commercial practices directive, and the cognitive revolution
Rossella Incardona, Cristina Poncibò [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

Geraint Howells, Hans-W. Micklitz, & Thomas Wilhelmsson: European Fair Trading Law?The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive
Norbert Reich [Publisher]

Book Review Section

S. Ratneshwar & David Glen Mick: Inside consumption. Consumer motives, goals and desires
Kai-Uwe Hellmann [Publisher]

Book Notes

Consumers and services of general interest: Is EC consumer law the future?
Peter Rott [Publisher]