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Experimental Economics, 10(1)

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Experimental Economics 

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March, 2007

Editors’ preface
Jordi Brandts, Tim Cason [Publisher]

The rise of cooperation in correlated matching prisoners dilemma: An experiment
Chun-Lei Yang, Ching-Syang Jack Yue, I-Tang Yu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Policy making and rent-dissipation: An experimental test
David S. Bullock, E. Elisabet Rutström [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Framing the first-price auction
Theodore L. Turocy, Elizabeth Watson, Raymond C. Battalio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are we nice(r) to nice(r) people??An experimental analysis
Max Albert, Werner Güth, Erich Kirchler, Boris Maciejovsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bertrand colludes more than Cournot
Sigrid Suetens, Jan Potters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Searching for the sunk cost fallacy
Daniel Friedman, Kai Pommerenke, Rajan Lukose, Garrett Milam, Bernardo A. Huberman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]