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April, 2007

Determinants of the continued use of self-service technology: The case of Internet banking
Kent Eriksson and Daniel Nilsson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online piracy, innovation, and legitimate business models
David Y. Choi and Arturo Perez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Model for profiting from software innovations in the new era in computing
Timo Pykäläinen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technological innovation, energy efficient design and the rebound effect
Horace Herring and Robin Roy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modifications and innovations to technology artifacts?
Kevin C. Desouza, Yukika Awazu and Arkalgud Ramaprasad [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamics in business models: An empirical analysis of medical biotechnology firms in the Netherlands
L. Willemstein, T. van der Valk and M.T.H. Meeus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

C. Sartorius and S. Zundel, Editors, Time Strategies, Innovation and Environmental Policy, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham (2005).
Mike J. Parker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

M. Dodgson, D. Gann and A. Salter, Think, Play, Do: Technology, Innovation and Organization, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, New York (2005) pp. xx+254; 0-19-926808-6(Pbk) and 0-19-926808-8..
Mariann Jelinek [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Program Guidelines for Management of Technology (MOT) Graduate Level Academic Institutions’ Accreditation Certification Certification [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

IAMOT 2007: 16th International Conference on Management of Technology Miami Beach Resort & Spa, Miami Beach, Florida, USA May 13- 17, 2007
[Google Scholar]">Publisher] [