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Research Policy 

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April, 2007

If star scientists do not patent: The effect of productivity, basicness and impact on the decision to patent in the academic world?
Mario Calderini, Chiara Franzoni and Andrea Vezzulli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inheriting knowledge and sustaining relationships: What stimulates the innovative performance of small software firms in the Netherlands?
Anet Weterings and Sierdjan Koster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Orphan drugs: Unmet societal need for non-profitable privately supplied new products
Ellen H.M. Moors and Jan Faber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation performance and channels for international technology spillovers: Evidence from Chinese high-tech industries
Xiaohui Liu and Trevor Buck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Complementarities in organizational design and the diffusion of information technologies: An empirical analysis
Rachel Bocquet, Olivier Brossard and Mareva Sabatier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Patent indicators for the technology life cycle development
Reinhard Haupt, Martin Kloyer and Marcus Lange [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Typology of sociotechnical transition pathways
Frank W. Geels and Johan Schot [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Schumpeterian patterns of innovative activity in the ICT field
Nicoletta Corrocher, Franco Malerba and Fabio Montobbio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]