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Journal of Global Marketing, 20(1)

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Journal of Global Marketing 

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Erdener Kaynak [Publisher]

A Cross-Cultural Classification of Service Export Performance Using Artificial Neural Networks: Japan, Germany, United States
David Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Implications of Export Performance Measurement for the Significance of the Determinants of Export Performance: An Empirical Investigation of Brazilian Firms
Rosane K. Gertner, David Gertner, Dennis Guthrey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analysis of Marketing Standardization Strategies- A "City" Market Framework
Henry F.L. Chung, Zhenni Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attitudes of U.S. Retailers Toward China, Canada, and the United States as Manufacturing Sources for Furniture: An Assessment of Competitive Priorities
Urs Buehlmann, Matthew Bumgardner, Torsten Lihra, Mary Frye [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competitive Positioning in International Logistics: Identifying a System of Attributes Through Neural Networks and Decision Trees
Srinivas Durvasula, Steven Lysonski, Subhash C. Mehta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]