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International Small Business Journal, 25(2)

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International Small Business Journal 

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April, 2007

Learning in Small Manufacturing Firms: The Case of Investment Decision-making Behaviour
Ignatius Ekanem and David Smallbone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Advising the Small Business Client
Linda M. Dyer and Christopher A. Ross [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market Orientation and Planning Flexibility in SMEs: Performance Implications and an Empirical Investigation
Lutfihak Alpkan, Cengiz Yilmaz, and Nihat Kaya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Expansion Through Multiple Unit Franchising: Australian Franchisors Reveal their Motivations
Scott Weaven and Lorelle Frazer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review: J. Forth, H. Bewley and A. Bryson, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: Findings from the 2004 Workplace Employment Relations Survey. London: ESRC/ACAS/PSI, 2006
John Kitching [Publisher] [Google Scholar]