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Academy of Management Review 

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March, 2007

Celebrating Thirty Years of Theory Publishing in AMR: Award-Winning Articles from the First Two Decades Revisited
Martin Kilduff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Upper Echelons Theory: An Update
Donald C. Hambrick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Integrative Model of Organizational Trust: Past, Present, and Future
F. David Schoorman, Roger C. Mayer, James H. Davis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

2006 Presidential Address: Quest for an Engaged Academy
Thomas G. Cummings [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reconsidering the Strategic Implications of Decision Comprehensiveness
Daniel P. Forbes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Environmental Dynamics in Building a First Mover Advantage Theory
Fernando F. Suarez, Gianvito Lanzolla [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relational Job Design and the Motivation to Make a Prosocial Difference
Adam M. Grant [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interest Alignment and Competitive Advantage
Oliver Gottschalg, Maurizio Zollo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Collective Cognition in Action: Accumulation, Interaction, Examination, and Accommodation in the Development and Operation of Group Efficacy Beliefs in the Workplace
Cristina B. Gibson, P. Christopher Earley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Group Decision Making Under Conditions of Distributed Knowledge: The Information Asymmetries Model
Felix C. Brodbeck, Rudolf Kerschreiter, Andreas Mojzisch, Stefan Schulz-Hardt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing Theory Through Simulation Methods
Jason P. Davis, Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Christopher B. Bingham [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Motivation to Lead, Motivation to Follow: The Role of the Self-Regulatory Focus in Leadership Processes
Ronit Kark, Dina van Dijk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Multiple-Category Problem: Category Activation and Inhibition in the Hiring Process
Carol T. Kulik, Loriann Roberson, Elissa L. Perry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Glass Cliff: Exploring the Dynamics Surrounding the Appointment of Women to Precarious Leadership Positions
Michelle K. Ryan, S. Alexander Haslam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can Ideas Be Capital? Factors of Production in the Postindustrial Economy: A Review and Critique
Alison Dean, Martin Kretschmer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building Genuine Trust Through Interpersonal Emotion Management: A Threat Regulation Model of Trust and Collaboration Across Boundaries
Michele Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cross-Cultural Code-Switching: The Psychological Challenges of Adapting Behavior in Foreign Cultural Interactions
Andrew Molinsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Harassment Based on Sex: Protecting Social Status in the Context of Gender Hierarchy
Jennifer L. Berdahl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deutero-Learning in Organizations: A Review and a Reformulation
Max Visser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]