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Strategic Management Journal, 28(5)

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Strategic Management Journal 

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Code and conduct in French cuisine: Impact of code changes on external evaluations
Rodolphe Durand, Hayagreeva Rao, Philippe Monin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation and control in the multinational firm: A comparison of political and contingency approaches
Björn Ambos, Bodo B. Schlegelmilch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Alliance networks and firm performance: The impact of repeated partnerships
Anthony Goerzen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The process of technological competence leveraging
Erwin Danneels [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Choice, chance, and inevitability in strategy
Mark de Rond, Raymond-Alain Thietart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic purity: A multi-industry evaluation of pure vs. hybrid business strategies
Stewart Thornhill, Roderick E. White [Publisher] [Google Scholar]