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Strategy & Leadership 

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Using a Lean Six Sigma approach to drive innovation
George Byrne, Dave Lubowe, Amy Blitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The surprising rise and fall of Coors Light in Puerto Rico
David J. Allio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Discovering new business models for knowledge intensive organizations
Norman T. Sheehan, Charles B. Stabell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A new competitive analysis tool: the relative profitability and growth matrix
Joseph Calandro Jr, Scott Lane [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

For top insurance companies, customer focus and merger mastery produce superior results
Nick Palmer, Scott Tanner, Christine Detrick, Ingo Wagner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why is synergy so difficult in mergers of related businesses?
Sayan Chatterjee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]