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Public Relations Review 

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March, 2007

Communicating about corporate social responsibility: A comparative study of CSR reporting in Australia and Slovenia
Urša Golob and Jennifer L. Bartlett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond excellence: Extending the generic approach to international public relations: The case of Bosnia
Michael L. Kent and Maureen Taylor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Telling the American story to the world: The purpose of U.S. public diplomacy in historical perspective
Jian Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond anti-terrorism: Metaphors as message strategy of post-September-11 U.S. public diplomacy
Juyan Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

President Bush’s major post-Katrina speeches: Enhancing image repair discourse theory applied to the public sector
Brooke Fisher Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New deal public relations: A glimpse into FDR press secretary Stephen Early’s work
Diana Knott Martinelli and Jeff Mucciarone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding the reputation and image of the Philippine public relations industry
Marina Caterina F. Lorenzo-Molo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Public relations and tourism: Critical reflections and a research agenda
Jacquie L’Etang, Jesper Falkheimer and Jairo Lugo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cognitive communication competence within public relations practitioners: Examining gender differences between technicians and managers
Margaret Algren and Kristen Campbell Eichhorn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate citizenship and public relations: The importance and interactivity of social responsibility issues on corporate websites
Paul Capriotti and Ángeles Moreno [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Heading: Research In Brief

Blog power: Examining the effects of practitioner blog use on power in public relations
Lance V. Porter, Kaye D. Sweetser Trammell, Deborah Chung and Eunseong Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the development of an organizational approach to media relationships
Scott E. Desiere and Bey-Ling Sha [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The link between strong public relationships and donor support
Julie O’Neil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A study of journalists’ perception of candidates’ websites and their relationships with the campaign organization in Taiwan’s 2004 presidential election
Yi-Ning Katherine Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Heading: Book Reviews

K. Moloney, Rethinking Public Relations: PR Propaganda and Democracy (second ed.), Routledge, London (2006) 228 pp., Paper, Price: US$ 34. 95.
Steve Mackey [Publisher]

W.A. Hachten, The Troubles of Journalism: A Critical Look at What’s Right and Wrong with the Press (third ed.), Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., Mahwah, New Jersey (2005) p. 186, Paper, Price: US$ 26.00.
Timothy N. Walters [Publisher]

The Moral Media: How Journalists Reason About Ethics, L. Wilkins, R. Coleman. Laurence Earlbaum Associates Publishers, Mahwah, NJ. (2005) 164 pp., Paper, $19.95.
Timothy N. Walters [Publisher]

H. Hewitt, BLOG: Understanding the Information Reformation that’s Changing Your World, Thomas Nelson, Nashville, TN (2005) 130 pp., Paper, Price: US$ 19.99.
Robert L. Dilenschneider [Publisher]

R. Weiner, The Skinny About Best Boys, Dollies, Green Rooms, Leads, and Other Media Lingo, Random House, New York, NY (2006) 289 pp., paperback.
Linda Scanlan [Publisher]