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Journal of International Business Studies, 38(1)

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Journal of International Business Studies 

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January, 2007

Letter From the Editor
Arie Y Lewin [Publisher]

2006 Decade Award Winning Article

Knowledge acquisition from foreign parents in international joint ventures: an empirical examination in the Hungarian context
Marjorie A Lyles and Jane E Salk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Gratitude, nostalgia and what now? Knowledge acquisition and learning a decade later
Jane Salk and Marjorie A Lyles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contextualising organisational learning: Lyles and Salk in the context of their research
Klaus E Meyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Translating theoretical logics across borders: organizational characteristics, structural mechanisms and contextual factors in international alliances
Ruth V Aguilera [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Multinational knowledge spillovers with decentralised R&D: a game-theoretic approach
Francesca Sanna-Randaccio and Reinhilde Veugelers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What you do depends on where you are: understanding how domestic and expatriate work requirements depend upon the cultural context
Shung J Shin, Frederick P Morgeson and Michael A Campion [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents and outcomes of modular production in the Brazilian automobile industry: a grounded theory approach
Masaaki Kotabe, Ronaldo Parente and Janet Y Murray [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Country-of-origin and choice of food imports: an in-depth study of European distribution channel gatekeepers
John G Knight, David K Holdsworth and Damien W Mather [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurial career success from a Chinese perspective: conceptualization, operationalization, and validation
Victor P Lau, Margaret A Shaffer and Kevin Au [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Accounting for sources of FDI technology spillovers: evidence from China
Xiaowen Tian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Prior conditions and early international commitment: the mediating role of domestic mindset
Sucheta Nadkarni and Pedro David Perez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Some macro-data on the regionalisation//globalisation debate: a comment on the Rugman//Verbeke analysis
John H Dunning, Masataka Fujita and Nevena Yakova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Liabilities of regional foreignness and the use of firm-level versus country-level data: a response to Dunning et al. (2007)
Alan M Rugman and Alain Verbeke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]