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Journal of Consumer Affairs, 41(1)

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Journal of Consumer Affairs 

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Summer, 2007

The Impact of Credit Counseling on Subsequent Borrower Behavior
Gregory Elliehausen, E. Christopher Lundquist, Michael E. Staten [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Experiences with Predatory Lending Practices
Ronald Paul Hill, John C. Kozup [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Do Nutrient Content and Nutrient Content Claims Matter? Assessing Consumer Tradeoffs Between Carbohydrates and Fat
Elyria Kemp, Scot Burton, Elizabeth H. Creyer, Tracy A. Suter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Warnings, Disclaimers, and Product Experience on Consumers’ Perceptions of Dietary Supplements
Marlys J. Mason, Debra L. Scammon, Xiang Fang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Privacy Paradox: Personal Information Disclosure Intentions versus Behaviors
Patricia A. Norberg, Daniel R. Horne, David A. Horne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Promoting i-Safety: Effects of Privacy Warnings and Privacy Seals on Risk Assessment and Online Privacy Behavior
Robert Larose, Nora J. Rifon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Death Care Industry: A Review of Regulatory and Consumer Issues
Steven W. Kopp, Elyria Kemp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Household Savings Motives
Sharon A. Devaney, Sophia T. Anong, Stacy E. Whirl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Editorial Postlude

Mistaking Precision for Reality
Herbert Jack Rotfeld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]