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International Journal of Research in Marketing, 24(1)

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International Journal of Research in Marketing 

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March, 2007

On what should firms focus in transitional economies? A study of the contingent value of strategic orientations in China
Gerald Yong Gao, Kevin Zheng Zhou and Chi Kin (Bennett) Yim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Determinants of the variety of routes to market
Rupinder P. Jindal, Werner Reinartz, Manfred Krafft and Wayne D. Hoyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do loyalty programs really enhance behavioral loyalty? An empirical analysis accounting for self-selecting members
Jorna Leenheer, Harald J. van Heerde, Tammo H.A. Bijmolt and Ale Smidts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intra-brand differences in payment periods in marketing channels
Víctor Iglesias, Rodolfo Vázquez and Ignacio Rodríguez-del-Bosque [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using model-based expectations to predict voluntary turnover
Eileen Bridges, Holly H. Johnston and Jeffrey K. Sager [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Anticipated identification costs: Improving assortment evaluation by diagnostic attributes
Erica van Herpen and Rik Pieters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]