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International Journal of Hospitality Management, 26(2)

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International Journal of Hospitality Management 

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June, 2007

Abraham Pizam [Publisher]

Self-catering accommodation
Paul Lynch and Nick Johns [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Papers

Self-catering accommodation in Switzerland
Pascale Nicod, Andrew Mungall and Judy Henwood [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding second home owners who do not rent—Insights on the proprietors of self-catered accommodation
Thomas Bieger, Pietro Beritelli and Robert Weinert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourist accommodation price setting in Australian strata titled properties
Kelly Cassidy and Chris Guilding [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The self-catering accommodation market: A review of electronic and other sources
Nick Johns and Paul Lynch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The missing component in the ‘greening’ of tourism: The environmental performance of the self-catering accommodation sector
David Leslie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Delivering world class Scottish self-catering in world markets
Matthew Haggis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Note

The self-catering accommodation sector in Yorkshire, England
Rhodri Thomas and David Hind [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Refereed Papers

An exploratory study of an internship program: The case of Hong Kong students
Terry Lam and Larry Ching [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Incorporating satisfaction measures into a restaurant productivity index?
Dennis Reynolds and David Biel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market diversification and financial performance and stability: A study of hotel companies
Myong Jae Lee and SooCheong (Shawn) Jang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Senior citizens and their dining-out traits: Implications for restaurants
Yu-Hua Christine Sun and Alastair M. Morrison [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of information technology on hotel operations, service management and transaction costs: A conceptual framework for full-service hotel firms
Prakash K. Chathoth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Role interpretation during service encounters: A critical review of modern approaches to service quality management
Michael Riley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hotel job burnout: The role of personality characteristics
Hyun Jeong Kim, Kang Hyun Shin and W. Terry Umbreit [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An examination of cost management behavior in small restaurant firms
Amy Kim, Michael C. Dalbor and Andrew Hale Feinstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An investigation of the mean reversion of hospitality stock prices towards their fundamental values: The case of Taiwan
Ming-Hsiang Chen, Woo Gon Kim and Ching-Yi Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


A deeper look at national culture and leadership in the hospitality industry
Mark R. Testa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Calculating ROI for training in the lodging industry: Where is the bottom line?
Kimberly J. Harris [Publisher]