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International Business Review, 16(1)

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International Business Review 

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February, 2007

Interpersonal similarity as a driver of knowledge sharing within multinational corporations
Kristiina Makela, Hanna K. Kalla and Rebecca Piekkari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge acquisition and the foreign development of high-tech start-ups: A social capital approach
Manuela Presutti, Cristina Boari and Luciano Fratocchi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

To bribe or to convince? Political stakeholders and political activities in German multinational corporations
Dirk Holtbrügge, Nicola Berg and Jonas F. Puck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intercultural communication patterns and tactics: Nordic expatriates in Japan
Vesa Peltokorpi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

One more only if it is one of us. The number of partners and the stock market reaction to domestic and international alliance formation in EU telecom firms
Esteban García-Canal and Pablo Sánchez-Lorda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trade liberalization and patterns of strategic adjustment in the US textiles and clothing industry
Belay Seyoum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book review

Managing the Embedded Multinational: A Business Network View, Mats Forsgren, Ulf Holm, Jan Johansson, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2005.
Mohammad Yamin [Publisher]