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Journal of Services Marketing, 21(1)

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Journal of Services Marketing 

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Establishing a service channel: a transaction cost analysis of a channel contract between a cruise line and a tour operator
Irene C.L. Ng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Turf wars or a misunderstanding of roles: an examination of the relationship between marketers and lawyers within the corporation
Paul Sergius Koku [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A service effort allocation model for assessing customer lifetime value in service marketing
Ben Shaw-Ching Liu, Nicholas C. Petruzzi, D. Sudharshan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The conceptual domain of service loyalty: how many dimensions?
Tim Jones, Shirley F. Taylor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Banking patronage motives of the urban informal poor
Stephen Graham Saunders, Mike Bendixen, Russell Abratt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An exploration of relational customers’ response to service failure
Natalie Hedrick, Michael Beverland, Stella Minahan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]