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Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 22(2)

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Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing 

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Business-to-business negotiating in China: the role of morality
Jamal A. Al-Khatib, Stacy M. Vollmers, Yusin Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Securing network legitimacy in China’s telecommunication market
Brian Low, Wesley J. Johnston, Jennifer Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Buyer-supplier relationship dissolution: the Chinese context
Andrew D. Pressey, Xin Xuan Qiu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing and business performance of construction SMEs in China
Yiming Tang, Paul Wang, Yuli Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Business-to-business marketing as a key factor for increasing service revenue in China
Heiko Gebauer, Chunzhi Wang, Bernold Beckenbauer, Regine Krempl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Huawei Technologies Corporation: from local dominance to global challenge?
Brian Low [Publisher] [Google Scholar]