Dependence Meta-Analysis


Lisa Scheer and Fred Miao seek summary data from unpublished or yet-to-be-published studies on dependence/interdependence

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We are conducting a meta-analysis on dependence/interdependence and are seeking summary data from unpublished and yet-to-be-published empirical studies. Dependence has been defined as one party’s need to maintain a relationship with an exchange partner to achieve its goals. Interdependence addresses the nature of each party’s dependence on the other. Both constructs have been operationalized in a wide variety of ways.

We would be pleased to include your study if you will provide the following information by April 16:

  1. Construct-level (not item-level) correlation matrix
  2. Reliabilities (as appropriate; please indicate reason for exceptions)
  3. Sample size (final data set)
  4. Year of data collection
  5. Scale used to measure (inter)dependence — or details about approach taken to measure (inter)dependence.

Please contact Lisa Scheer at if you have any questions. If you have a study to share, please direct your reply to Fred Miao at Thanks!

Lisa Scheer & Fred Miao (University of Missouri-Columbia) and
Rob Palmatier (University of Cincinnati)