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Technovation, 27(3)

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March, 2007

MOT TIM journal rankings 2006
Jonathan D. Linton and Mark Embrechts [Publisher]

The politics of innovation: Why innovations need a godfather
D.J. Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Factors impacting the innovative capacity in large-scale companies
Tufan Koc and Cemil Ceylan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation and knowledge creation through leadership-based strategic community: Case study on high-tech company in Japan
Mitsuru Kodama [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Janus face of the appropriability regime in the protection of innovations: Theoretical re-appraisal and empirical analysis
Pia Hurmelinna, Kalevi Kyläheiko and Tiina Jauhiainen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

University to business technology transfer—UK and USA comparisons
Moira Decter, David Bennett and Michel Leseure [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

R. Tassabehji, Applying E-Commerce in Business, Sage Publications, London, Thousand Oaks, New Delhi, ISBN 0-7619-4875-9 (Paperback £26.99), ISBN 0-7619-4874-0 (Hardback £80.00), 2003 (pp. 325+ix).
Andreas Kuckertz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]