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Journal of Internet Commerce, 5(4)

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Journal of Internet Commerce 

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Guest Editorial
Norm Archer [Publisher]

Using Web Services for Collaborative, Inter-Organizational Computing: A Framework and Implementation
Ananth Srinivasan, David Sundaram [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Architecture for Conflict Management Between Make and Delivery Agents in an Enterprise Supply Chain
Francesca Arcelli, Francesco Tisato, Luigi Ubezio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Structures for Stepwise Development of Adaptive Supply Chains
Reggie Davidrajuh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

E-Business Operations Shift: From Supply Chain Management to Sense-and-Response Systems
Walter Rodriguez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

RFID Implementation Issues in China: Shanghai Port Case Study
WenJie Wang, Xiaofeng Wang, Norm Archer, Yufei Yuan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceived Risks in Supply Chain Management E-Collaboration
Pauline Ratnasingam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trajectories for Driving the Diffusion of e-Negotiation Service Providers in Supply Chains: An Action Research Approach
Ofir Turel, Yufei Yuan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]