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International Marketing Review, 24(1)

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International Marketing Review 

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An attribution theory approach for understanding the internationalization of professional service firms
Kathryn T. Cort, David A. Griffith, D. Steven White [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The nature of international retail divestment: insights from Ahold
Mark Palmer, Barry Quinn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The fundamentals of standardizing global marketing strategy
Nanda K. Viswanathan, Peter R. Dickson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A content analysis of advertising in a global magazine across seven countries: Implications for global advertising strategies
Michelle R. Nelson, Hye-Jin Paek [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer animosity: a literature review and a reconsideration of its measurement
Petra Riefler, Adamantios Diamantopoulos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]