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Dan Laufer created a course on Developing Client Relationships for accountants with input from ELMAR subscribers. His syllabus has been posted on the ARC for sharing

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Date: Wed 14 Mar 08:39 -0400
From: <>
A couple of months ago I posted a message on ELMAR requesting material for an intensive 2-day course I am teaching to Accounting Students and Alumni (Continuing Education) on the topic of developing client relationships.  As a result of changes to the Accounting Curriculum (increase in the number of hours required to take the CPA exam to 150), I believe the demand for these types of specialized courses will increase.  I teach the course in an intensive 2-day format so that Accounting alumni can also register, however if this is not an important objective, the course can be taught over a longer period of time.  However I believe there are benefits to including alumni which can (1) Increase contact between alumni and the university (2)  Provide networking opportunities for students (3)  Generate an additional revenue stream for the university.
Below is a course description, and the URL for my syllabus, which I thought you would find useful.  If you have any additional material that would be useful for the course (cases, articles, etc.), please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I plan on teaching the course again in the future, and your suggestions will be very useful in making improvements to the course.
Daniel Laufer, PhD, MBA, CPA (Ohio)
Associate Professor of Marketing
Sy Syms School of Business
Yeshiva University
500 West 185th Street
Belfer Hall
New York, NY 10033
Tel: 212-960-0124
Fax: 212-960-0824

In today’s competitive environment, it is of strategic importance for accountants in both public and corporate practice to understand how to develop client relationships (both internal and external).  This course will examine the nature of client relationships and discuss strategies to strengthen relationships with clients. The course will address a number of important issues for accountants including:  How are client relationships formed?  What is client satisfaction?  How can accountants strengthen their relationships with clients?  How can accountants communicate bad news to clients without adversely impacting the relationship?  How should accountants deal with dissatisfied clients?

The syllabus can be found on the ARC at