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Tenth Anniversary McGill Conference on International Entrepreneurship, Los Angeles, 27-30 Sep 2007; Deadline 31 May

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Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 13:05:28 -0800
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Sponsored by the UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and CIBER

September 27-30, 2007
Deadline for Proposal and Abstract Submission:  May 1, 2007 (Now 31 May)
Deadline for Submission of Completed Papers for Presentation:  August 1, 2007

The global business environment is changing dramatically. Traditionally, competition in international markets was the realm of large companies, while smaller businesses remained local or regional in scope. The removal of government-imposed barriers that segregated domestic and international markets, technological advances in manufacturing, transportation and telecommunications, allow the smaller firms to easily access customers, suppliers and collaborators, around the world. Entrepreneurial enterprises – both large and small, domestically and internationally – are increasingly fuelling economic growth and innovation. These trends are transforming management strategies, public policies, and the daily lives of people around the world. They present both opportunities and formidable new challenges to firms competing in the global arena.

One consequence of the breakdown of the lines of demarcation, which formerly segregated the disparate fields of entrepreneurship and international business, is the emergence of a new academic discipline – international entrepreneurship (IE). The emergence of IE as an identifiable academic field positioned at the intersection of the international business and entrepreneurship disciplines dates back approximately a decade, with two significant events. One was the publication in the Journal of International Business Studies of Oviatt & McDougall’s seminal 1994 article, “Toward a Theory of International New Ventures.” The other was the convening in September 1998 of the first McGill Conference on International Entrepreneurship, which for the first time brought together leading academics to begin bridging academic research in what had traditionally been distinct and disparate fields. Since then, the integration of international business research and entrepreneurship research has gained significant momentum: nine McGill Conferences on International Entrepreneurship have been held; a host of articles, edited books and special journal issues have appeared; and a dedicated journal, the Journal of International Entrepreneurship, and a book Series, the McGill international Entrepreneurship Series, have been launched.

This special tenth anniversary IE conference is designed to bring together leading-edge views of academic scholars and insightful practitioners from the fields of international business and small business/entrepreneurship, among others, in order to examine the influential force(s), consequent changes and the dominant pattern(s) of emerging developments which will shape international entrepreneurship over the next decade. Elements include:

  1.  (a) Research-Intensive Workshop:  An intensive, two-and-a-half day Research Workshop focusing on the changes and the challenges facing smaller firms in the global competitive arena. Objectives include: (1) providing a unique opportunity for scholars to discuss path-breaking concepts, theories and frameworks in plenary and competitive paper sessions and workshops, in order to facilitate the development of new research initiatives with a potential for contributing to the advancement of the field of IE, and (2) preparing the collective output of the workshop for publication as integrated collections in leading journals and edited books. Therefore, only unpublished completed or nearly-completed papers are invited for presentation and feedback from other scholars and invited practitioners.
  2.  (b) Business Conference:  An open session for discussion of key ideas and insights with members of the business community. The focus will be on a better understanding of actual issues facing entrepreneurial firms in their quest for growth and internationalization. Executives from internationalizing firms will be invited to share their insights on related themes and interact with scholars.
  3.  (c) Ph.D./Research-Methodology Consortium: Tailored to the research needs of doctoral candidates and new researchers in IE.

PUBLICATIONS:  Leading-edge contributions from the previous conferences have appeared in prestigious journals and edited books. This conference will follow the same practice. In addition to the Conference Proceedings, intensive effort will be focussed on publishing the papers of the 2007 Conference in cohesive sets of articles in edited volumes and special issues of journals and book volumes with high impact. For a selected list of publications of past conference papers see

TOPICAL THEMES: Any empirical and theoretical research papers or work-in-progress related to IE are welcomed. An illustrative list includes, but is not limited to, the following themes:

  • Applications of analytical frameworks and measurements that capture the presence, evolution and distinctive capabilities of internationally-oriented small firms.
  • Contributions to methodology for research on smaller firms in the international marketplace.
  • Influential factors and corresponding patterns of internationalization in small, entrepreneurial firms.
  • Cross-national comparisons of internationally-oriented entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial firms.
  • Identification and analysis of the motivations and challenges that energize entrepreneurs in the globalizing market place.
  • Impact of e-commerce-centric activities on internationalizing SMEs.
  • Impact of learning and knowledge acquisition on internationalization of smaller firms.
  • International and national policy imperatives relating to the cross-border activities of small firms.
  • Role of regional industrial clusters in internationalization of small domestic firms.
  • Role and impact of international alliances, mergers and networks on internationalization of SMEs.
  • Strategy for development of key-capabilities and enhanced competitiveness of internationalizing firms.
  • Microfinance and the Bottom of the Pyramid entrepreneurship


  • Submission deadline for initial proposals /abstracts: May 31, 2007.  Please send us completed papers, working papers, or a detailed three (3) page synopses by e-mail as Word attachments to Please include full contact information for main contact author(s), and indicate whether your anticipated contribution will be a completed paper, or a work in progress.
  • Notification of acceptance will be communicated to main contact author(s) by June 15, 2007.
  • In case of difficulty with electronic transmissions, hard copies may be mailed  to:

Professor Robert S. Spich, Conference Chairman
UCLA Anderson School of Management
110 Westwood Plaza, Suite B307
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481
Tel: (+1 310) 825-8054; Fax: (+1 310) 825-8098

The conference series website is at For further information, feel free to contact Prof. Hamid Etemad at  or Prof. Robert Spich at