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2007 World Conference on Mass Customization & Personalization, Boston, 7-10 Oct 2007, Montreal, 11-12 Oct; Deadline 19 Mar

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Date: Sun 28 Jan 20007 18:08 +0100
From: Johannes Putzke <>

MCPC 2007: Extreme Customization

The 2007 World Conference on Mass Customization & Personalization (MCPC) at MIT (Boston, USA) and HEC Montreal (Canada) October 7-12, 2007

The biannual World Conference on Mass Customization & Personalization (MCPC) is the premier event of its kind. Bridging academic research and management practice, the conference provides an interactive and interdisciplinary platform to share ideas about mass customization strategies and to discuss the latest technologies and enablers.

In October 2007, the MCPC will include two parts:

Part 1, Oct 7-10, 2007: MCP Research & Innovation Conference, hosted by the MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge/Boston (USA) with an interdisciplinary focus on the new advancements in the field.

Part 2, Oct 11-12, 2007: MCP Business Seminar, hosted by HEC (Haute Études Commerciales) Business School in Montreal (Canada), with a focus on applying mass customization & personalization in a retail setting.

Call for Papers & Speaking Proposals

We invite submissions and speaking proposals for the conference’s first part at MIT. The conference is designed to engage academics, business leaders and consultants in fundamental debates through a set of plenary presentations, discussion panels, and paper presentations.  In addition to the traditional functional conference streams of the MCPC conferences, we especially welcome submissions from managers and consultants reflecting upon the conference theme.

Please refer to the MCPC 2007 web site for a list of questions for discussion in the MCPC 2007. We encourage participants and authors to engage in these questions and to bring forth their experiences from an interdisciplinary and cross-functional perspective.

The MCPC track area "IT Systems & IT Integration for MCP" encourages interdisciplinary scholarship on mass customization from a variety of perspectives, including also behavioral, strategic, managerial and operational issues.

This year, the problem domain will focus on effective designs for IT systems and user interfaces to avoid "mass confusion" during the customizing process and fulfill customer requirements on MC products. Therefore, we are particularly seeking research examining consumer attitudes towards MC products. Participants in this broad academic endeavor come from a wide range of disciplines (such as information systems and marketing) and draw on an extensive array of theoretical and research paradigms.

For 2007, major topics include but are not limited to: How can information systems be configured to fulfill customer requirements on the final product? What is the value of mass customization for the customer? How can established business models in marketing and operations management be adapted to fit for mass customization? How can extant IT Systems for e-services (for example news) be applied for (news) services offered in an offline context? What are the differences between product and service customization? Which factors drive customers’ adoption and diffusion of mass customized products? What is the role of social networks in the adoption of mass customization? Please contact track chair Detlef Schoder, Department of Information Systems and Information Management at University of Cologne (, if you have any questions or would like to discuss possible proposals.

Paper submission

You can submit two types of papers (Page limits include references and figures):

Full papers: max. 25 pages (12pt font, double line spacing). Only full papers will be considered for the conference’s Best Paper Award.

Extended abstracts for work in progress (about 4-8 pages), but including also comments on the research question, the methodology, data and empirical methods used (if applicable), and a discussion of the results.

To submit a paper (practitioners: presentation proposal), please use ONLY the online submission system for this conference on the conference web site ( All papers will be double-blind reviewed.

Important dates

March 19, 2007:  Deadline for submissions
June 1, 2007: Final notification of accepted contributions
Oct 7-9, 2007:  MCP Research & Innovation Conference at MIT
Oct 11-12, 2007: Business Seminar in Montreal, Quebec

Contact data and conference program committee

Please refer to the conference web site at