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Brno International Business School in the Czech Republic is seeking a strategic partner or investor

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Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 11:06:04 -0600

Brno International Business School
Seeks a strategic partner.

Brno International Business School, a.s. (B.I.B.S. a.s.) was founded in 1998 in Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic.  In 2006/07 it enrolled over 2,000 students in two undergraduate programs leading to a bachelor degree in economics, management, and law.  Three masters programs include an MBA program, a masters of science programs in economics, management and law, and masters of law (LLM).  The MBA program is a market leader in the Czech Republic and is successfully being expanded into Slovakia.  The quality of the MBA program is also guaranteed by CAMBAS (the Czech Association of MBA Schools), a Czech accreditation agency.  A new doctoral program (DBA) was also recently introduced.  Some of the programs are presented in cooperation with and the validation of Nottingham Trend University in the United Kingdom.  B.I.B.S. a.s. has experienced rapid growth since it admitted its first cohort of students in 1998.

B.I.B.S. a.s. is administered as a private company under Czech law.  It is a lean virtual organization administered by experienced academic professionals with relevant industrial experience and extensive international connections.  Its structure resembles a modern educational institution with appropriate academic organizational functions, including an effective information management system.  In addition to its legally required format as a stock entity, B.I.B.S. a.s. maintains an Academic Board that oversees the quality of all academic programs and related activities.  The members of the Academic Board come from academia, industry, and government institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad.

In order to continue rapid expansion in the future, B.I.B.S. a.s. is seeking a financially strong strategic partner or an investor.  The objective is to expand its current operation in at least two new directions by (1) introducing a series of international program offering via the Internet and (2) expanding its student enrollment.  B.I.B.S. a.s. has recently been ranked as the top private business school in the Czech Republic.  It is assumed that interested entities would share the expansion philosophy and would provide both financial and academic support for this expansion.

Due to the nature of its lean mission and structure, B.I.B.S. a.s. maintains an extensive cadre of academics who selectively lecture in all the academic programs.  Most of the academics come from local universities in Brno as do some of the faculty members who come from industry or the banking community.  Because of the vast pool of available academic resources, B.I.B.S. a.s. is highly selective in maintaining the quality of its instruction.

The students enrolled in all the programs represent a broad student population.  Most of the students are working full time.  They vary significantly by age and profession and, at the completion of their studies, find lucrative positions and their acceptance by potential employers is excellent.

B.I.B.S. a.s. is a financially strong debt free institution.  Current enrolment numbers and financial details can be supplied subject to mutually acceptable negotiations.

For additional information please contact

Professor George Tesar, Ph.D.
Madison, Wisconsin