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Reviewers are requested for the 2007 Academy of Marketing Conference

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Date: 12 Jan 2007 11:55:27 -0000
From: "Dall’Olmo Riley, Francesca" <>

Call for Reviewers – Academy of Marketing Conference 2007

The AM2007 Conference Chairs would welcome volunteers to act as reviewers of the papers submitted to the Conference. If you would like to volunteer for this very important task, please e-mail Francesca Dall’Olmo Riley at: indicating for which track(s) you would like to help as a reviewer. Normally, each reviewer will be asked to review no more than two papers overall.

Tracks and Chairs of AM2007:

1. Arts and Heritage Marketing
Chair: Daragh O’Reilly (SIG leader) and Finola Kerrigan (King’s College)
Co-chair: Dr. Martha Mador and Dr. Chris Hand (KBS)

2. Branding
Chair: Stuart Roper (SIG leader)
Co-Chair: Prof. Wendy Lomax; Dr. Francesca Dall’Olmo Riley (KBS)

3. E-Marketing
Chair: Sally Harridge-March (SIG leader)
Co-Chair: Ruth Rettie (KBS)

4. Empirical Replications and Re-enquiries in Marketing
Chair: Dr. Francesca Dall’Olmo Riley (SIG leader)
Co-Chair: Dr. Max Winchester (Harper-Adams)

5. Entrepreneurial and Small Business Marketing
Chair: Ian Fillis (SIG leader)
Co-chair: Dr. David Stokes; Dr. Nick Wilson (KBS)

6. International and Cross Cultural issues in Marketing
Chair: Paul Weeks (SIG leaders)
Co-Chair: Patricia Harris (KBS)

7. Market Segmentation
Chair: Lyndon Simkin (SIG Co-Chair)
Co-chair: Professor Stavros Kalafatis (KBS)

8. Marketing Education
Chair: June Dennis (SIG leader)
Co-chair: Debbie Anderson; George Masikunas (KBS)

9. Marketing of Higher Education
Chair: Paul Gibbs (SIG leader)
Co-chair: Leslie Ledden (KBS)

10. Political Marketing
Chair: Janine Dermody (SIG leader)
Co-Chair: Paul Baines (Cranfield)

11. Qualitative Inquiry in Marketing
Chair: Jim Blythe (SIG leader)
Co-chair: Ruth Rettie (KBS)

12. Relationship Marketing
Chair: Nikos Tzokas (SIG leader)
Co-chair: Stavros Kalafatis (KBS)

13. Selling and Sales Management
Chair: Bill Donaldson (SIG leader)
Co-chair: Dr. John McGill (KBS)

14. Services Marketing
Chair: Michael Harker (Strathclyde)
Co-Chair: Patricia Harris; Dr. John McGill (KBS)

15. Sport Marketing
Chair: Simon Chadwick (SIG leader)
Co-chair: Alan Tapp (Bristol Business School)

16. Consumer Behaviour
Chair: Professor Robert East (KBS)
Co-chair: Dr. Jay Singh (KBS)

17. Marketing Communications
Chair: Helen Robinson (KBS)
Co-Chair: Debbie Anderson; Ronny Nicholas (KBS)

18. Business-to-business Marketing
Chair: Peter Williams (Leeds)
Co-Chair: Professor Stavros Kalafatis (KBS)

19. Marketing Strategy and NPD
Chair: Dr. Debra Riley (Cardiff Business School)
Co-Chair: Adam Raman (KBS)

20. Social and Non-Profit Marketing – Ethics and Social Responsibility
Chair: Roger Bennett (London Metropolitan University)
Co-chair: Patricia Harris (KBS)

21. Marketing Research and Quantitative Inquiry in Marketing
Chair: Dr. Chris Hand (KBS)
Co-chair: Professor Stavros Kalafatis (KBS)

22. Retailing and Commercial Distribution
Chair: John Eldred (KBS)
Co-chair: George Masikunas (KBS)

23. Marketing in the Asia Pacific
Chair: Charles C. Cui (SIG leader)
Co-Chair: Amelia Au-Yeung (KBS)

Many thanks in advance for your help. Looking forward to hearing from you.

AM2007 Conference Chairs
Wendy Lomax, Francesca Dall’Olmo Riley, Helen Robinson