A Happy ELMAR New Year


Hope and Housecleaning for 2007

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Happy New Year!

It has been one year since we migrated ELMAR to the CommunityZero platform and an anniversary – especially one that falls on the first of the year – is a good time to review the old and prepare the new. With that in mind, I have renamed and reorganized the ELMAR subject headings. There were two goals for this:

  1. To have the submission categories more closely match the submissions, and;
  2. To emphasize the weekly posting rhythm.

With respect to the latter point, I try to keep the postings predictable as follows:

  • Monday – Updates, Reminders, and E-stuff
  • Tuesday – Research
  • Wednesday – Career and Ph. D.
  • Thursday – Teaching
  • Friday – Conference CFPs

As always, you can reach me for comments at elmar@ama.org.