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Exploring the Relationship Between Marketing and Supply Chain Management, a special issue of JAMS edited by Dr. John T. Mentzer and Gregory T. Gundlach; Deadline 1 Aug 2007

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Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 17:28:52 -0500
From: "Gundlach, Gregory" <>

JAMS Call for Papers:  Exploring the Relationship Between Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Supply chains and supply chain management (SCM) have emerged as increasingly important areas of business practice and academic scholarship.  Recent conceptions of SCM detail its expanding role within organizations to encompass activities associated with the integration of supply and demand management within and across companies, including coordination and collaboration with channel partners and customers, sourcing, procurement, conversion, and logistics.  Supply chains and SCM include many phenomena and practices common to marketing and marketing management.  Recent developments in marketing scholarship increasingly recognize this overlap and the important role of SCM in marketing management.  However, the nature of the interrelationships that are present and their implications for relevant stakeholders have not been explored at great length.  In recognition of the importance of supply chains, the emergence of SCM as an interdisciplinary field, and the important association of each with marketing and marketing management, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science will publish a special issue that examines their interrelationship. The deadline for the special issue is August 1, 2007

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