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Vishal Singh of Raja Choudhary College requests information on videos of use in a class on global marketing

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Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 18:53:53 -0600

I am a professor at a very small college in India that has many students. I don’t have access to the internet myself but I can get all responses sent to this email address, which belongs to the physician in town. He is the only person in our entire region who has access to the internet. Our college also does not have databases that I can search. Hence my question is to the ELMAR internet community since I am quite helpless to do any searches myself.

I would like to show videos on Global Marketing to my students. But our college never had and still does not have a VCR or a VCP or a television. However I do have a laptop – which has been graciously donated to me by the Inner Wheel of the Rotary Club – and my laptop has a CD and DVD drive, so I can now show videos to students from my laptop. Note that I don’t have any budget to buy videos but I can request complimentary copies from textbook publishers. I hope this message can be quickly transmitted to the ELMAR community since it will take time before I can acquire the videos.

Please help me identify videos on CD’s or DVD’s that deal with Global Marketing. What Global Marketing textbooks come with videos on CD or DVD?

[Please send your suggestions to me, using either or by using the "Reply" function of your mail program – ch]

Many thanks,
Vishal Singh
Raja Choudhary College